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About Us

We are an international manufacturers of gps tracking platform with customers all over the world. We actively cooperate with the leaders of the telemetry market and provide innovative solutions for our partners. Our multilingual managers together with developers make our product better day by day. Aurora is a team of qualified professionals and our main goal is to provide a high-quality product.

Our mission

Our mission is to satisfy the customers needs with the gps fleet program Aurora ! Analyze data accurately, optimize information profitably, and manage your business efficiently. True to this slogan, we make a great meaning to the individual approach to our customers and the high quality of our product from development to support. This makes Aurora easy to integrate into your existing IT-infrastructure.

Our vision

Aurora is a telemetry global intelligent monitoring system  with a world presence. Thanks to an individual approach to each client, we offer essential solutions that will allow you to take complete control and safety of your transport.

Why us

Requirements for the software development framework are usually characterized by complexity and challenge goals. We implement competitive requirements to create customized solutions with an understanding of intelligent development. That is why we created Aurora – the perfect solution for you!

Meet our team


Founder & CEO

He founded his company in 2013 and assembled the best team ever.


Founder & Product manager

An inventor who is not afraid to take risks. Always keeps up with all-new trends and developments.


Sales Director for EMEA countries

A leader by mission. Inspires and leads you to achieve goals and conquer new peaks. An incredible flow of emotions that you will not definitely resist!


Sales Director for CIS countries

Practices a non-standard approach and multiculturalism. Creativity in all things.


Financial Director

CEO assistant. Comfort in the office is mandatory.


Chief technical officer

The mind of youth opens with each new experience

Maria Aurora

Sales manager

Can’t speak without gestures. Loves martial arts and milk chocolate

Antonina Aurora

Sales manager

Creativity and enterprise are my virtues. I like to approach all issues in a creative way

Tanya Aurora

Sales manager

Punctuality is my strength. Active search for clients in all possible ways. I like cars and football.

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